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Don't miss out on FREE Baklava! Get started with Yia Yias Loyalty today.

*Collect 100 point to get a free 2-pack of baklava, Sign up today and immediately receive 75 points!!

How it works

Start earning Points in three easy steps

Sign Up

It's as easy as entering a phone number in-store, on our website, or scan through the QR code

Earn Points

Earn 2 points for every qualifying $1 spent. Get 75 points when you register

Spend Baklava Points, Rewards you can get with Points

100 * Yia Yia’s Baklava Two Pack
200 * Yia Yia’s Baklava Six Pack
400* Select Yia Yia’s Baklava® merchandise

Enjoy the convenience of in-store mobile ordering and pick up

Birthday Treat

Enjoy a FREE Baklava on your birthday every year! To sign up, simply visit your Yia Yias Account online .

Bonus points &
Double Points​

Never miss a chance to earn Double Points on select days so you can get FREE treats faster!

Download the Points App for the best experience

Enjoy personalize ordering, FREE Points, birthday rewards, and more with the Points..

Using the Baklava Points

How to use in-store

Enter your phone number at checkout OR tap in your Points card to reveal a QR code which you can scan at any Yia Yias location.


Q. How does your loyalty program work?

Ans. Sweeten your savings: Every dollar spent earns you 2 points towards a FREE 2-pack of baklava! Reach 100 points and redeem your points at Yia Yia’s Baklava Retail location to skip the shipping cost.

Q. How many Points do I need to get free stuff?

Ans. Once you earn 100 Points,

Q. How many Yia Yia's Points do I get on my order?

Ans. You earn 2 Points for every $1 USD spent.

Q. Do I get Points from purchasing gift cards?

Ans. Yes! If you purchase a gift card, you earn Loyalty Points based on the gift card’s dollar amount.

Q. How does the birthday club work?

Ans. It’s simple! You’ll receive a free baklava voucher to redeem during your birthday month. Sign up on the Yia Yia’s Account  add your details: