Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

The YiaYias baklava presents to you a unique gifting solution for various occasions such as, a forthcoming event, acknowledging the efforts of your employees, promoting your brand or building relationships with new clients. Here is a glance as to what sets us apart.


You may get your gifts customised and choose from a wide range of Mediterranean delicacies, authentic Indian sweets, dry fruits, flavoured dry fruits, which are 100% vegetarian.


We offer a high degree of personalisation so that you can leave a lasting impression on your employees and clients. Whether you want handwritten cards, your logo printed on our boxes , or any other special requirements, our team will make sure that your needs are fulfilled.

Premium Gifting

Every sweet is freshly prepared by our chef with state of the art equipment and using the freshest and the best quality of handpicked ingredients. All our products are organic, eggless and contain no preservatives.


Every concept developed by The YiaYias baklava is unique and elegant. We offer a myriad of ways to express your brand identity and build gifts that are thoughtful, personal and creative whilst also professional and appropriate for the occasion.

On Time & Worldwide Delivery

Regardless of the weather, your gifts will be packed perfectly and delivered with care so they arrive in mint condition. Whether you need 10 gift packages or 10,000, we can supply them.

Corporate Discounts

We give amazing value for money by providing exclusive discounts on bulk orders. We assure you that our team will work with you from initial concept to final production to create a truly magnificent and matchless gift, containing no preservatives.